Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mainly thinking...

Feeling so excited at the prospect of all the preserving to be done sadly has not led to me actually doing anything with fruit and sugar today. I've been investigating the regulations on selling homemade produce - a call to the local council and I'm now waiting for a form to arrive. It seems much more straightforward than I had expected.
I've been trying to organise my thoughts - what am I going to make, how will I package it and where will I sell it?

My final list of products (fingers crossed) is:
Strawberry jam,
Rowan and crab apple jelly,
Bramble jelly,
Blackberry cordial,
Marrow chutney,
Green tomato chutney,
Apple chutney,
Onion marmalade / caramelised onion,
Candied orange peel,
Russian toffee.

I need to think of some more exciting names...

I also need to work out how to put pictures on here.

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